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Meade County

Record Book

Record Book Pages for a Non-competitive book

     Personal Page

     Permanent Record

Kansas Award Portfolio's (KAP) for competitive judging

     General KAP Instructions:  Please note every KAP, regardless of age division will need a cover page (Youth Name & Project) and personal page, followed by the KAP.

     Ages 7-9:  Junior KAP - (Word)  (PDF)  This form says for ages 7-8, Meade County allows 9 yr olds to still complete this form

     Ages 10-13:  Intermediate KAP** - (Word)  (PDF)

     Ages 14-18:  Senior KAP - (Word)  (PDF)

**Youth who have turned 14, but are still a 4-H age of 13, if you want to take your KAP to area judging, should use the Senior KAP.  You will still be judged against Int. KAP's, but then will be compared to any Senior KAPs.  We can only take one KAP per project area to area judging.  Using a Senior KAP, does not give any advantage or disadvantage to judging.



Buckle Bonanza - Horse Show Information

Buckle Bonanza Rules and Entry Forms (Entry forms for Meade Shows)

5 State Fair Rules

5 State Fair Entry (Entry for 5 State - please tell us the day of the show if you want to enter in Buckle Bonanza)