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Meade County

Meade County
P.O. Box 369
407 E Rainbelt
Meade, KS 67864

620-873-2013 fax

Meade County Fair

Click on the following links to download a PDF copy

2019 Meade County Fair Schedule

2019 Meade County Fair Book


2019 Auction Eligibility Requirements - All youth wishing to sell any item through an auction at the Meade County Fair in 2019 will need to complete the Auction Eligibility Form and turn it into the office no later than Monday, July 15th! You may download the Form by clicking on the following link.

Auction Eligibility Form - DUE July 15, 2019




Bucket Calf - Exhibitors competing in the Bucket Calf Division will be judged on the following areas.  Conference Judging will take place prior to the start of the beef show.  Exhibitors will be told at the fair of their interview time (not before 5 PM).

  • 25% General Appearance: health, cleanliness, grooming
  • 25% Halter broke and ease at which youth can lead, control and set up the calf
  • 50% Conference Judging & Completion of Record Sheet: what has been learned about caring for and raising the calf.  Record Sheets can be picked up at the Extension office or downloaded off the internet by clicking on the following link.

        Bucket Calf Record Sheet   (PDF)  (Word)


Clothing & Textiles(PRE-ENTRY REQUIRED) - For each outfit entered in the Conference Judging and/or Fashion Revue, a 4-H Member must turn in the following form to the Extension Office no later than July 15th at 5:00 PM.

       Style Revue Entry (PDF)     (Word)


Dairy - 4-Her's exhibiting any dairy project will need to turn in a Dairy ID Sheet for each animal to the Extension Office, no later than June 15th.  Dairy projects are not required to be at any weigh-in.

       Dairy ID Sheet


Horse(PRE-ENTRY Required) - Register for the 4-H and open class horse show no later than July 15th at 5:00 pm by clicking on the following link.

       Horse Show Entry 



Livestock Stall Reservation - Stall Reservations are due by July 15th at 5:00 pm by clicking on the following link. This site also allows you to choose insurance.  Insurance payments are due to the Extension Office by the deadline.  Insurance for 2019 will run $5 per head.

       Stall Reservation


 Photography - Photos need to be mounted on boards. Boards are for sale at the office for $1.00 each and exhibited in a plastic sleeve.   Sleeves are 10¢

        Mounting Instructions


Talent Show(PRE-ENTRY REQUIRED) - Register for the 4-H talent show no later than July 15th at 5:00 pm by clicking on the following link.

        Talent Show Entry